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I follow NBC 12 on Facebook for mostly weather related alerts, but recently they posted an article that made me sad. A trailer park in Petersburg is making its residents get rid of their pitbulls.

As the article states, the lease the residents signed when they moved in explains that pitbulls are banned. These tenants are breaking the rules. I agree that the residents of the trailer park need to follow the policies of the document they signed, but it makes me sad that the lease had to be breed specific, singling out pitbulls. I may be prejudiced because I have two of my own, but I generally believe in the statement “there are no bad breeds, just bad owners.” Granted, there are many many exceptions to each rule but WHO COULD KICK THESE LIL’ BOOGERS OUT OF THEIR HOUSE:

That’s Zoey and General! As my roommate said, “thats dogist.” (like racist….get it?)



Straight Lines

I found this article and video from NPR a while back and though it was super interesting. I recently found it again and thought it would be fun to share. I find it almost baffling that humans can’t walk in a straight line.  I feel like that should be a human instinct in order to get us where we need to go in confusing or dangerous situations. On the other hand, it could be helpful in the sense that if we are in a dangerous situation and lost, we will eventually get back to where we began.

I also find it strange that it’s not just with walking. Even in vehicles, humans tend to make the same, swirly, loopy pattern back to the beginning. If you have any thoughts on this, post a comment to let us know!

Also, the video wasn’t working in the article earlier. I’ve attached a YouTube version incase it is still down.


Maybe Our World is Moving Towards an “Android” Society…

What do you think of this idea from Google?  Do you think it will be a positive advance of technology or negative?


Not all Technology is Bad

Not all technology is contributing to the corruption of our society.  Sometimes it helps to create miracles.  Read this article to hear about it.


As you guys are…

As you guys are finishing up the workshops for ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’, the next thing to think about are topic ideas for unit 3 projects. Here is a video FULL of topic ideas. Its sort of long but worth the watch.

– Alex

Honduras prison fire

The specifics surrounding the recent Honduran prison fire are slowly beginning to emerge, and new reports are suggesting that many of those that were incarcerated in this prison hadn’t even been charged with a crime. Truly a tragic situation, regardless of the status of those that perished.

What do you guys think? Would it be less tragic if those that died were convicted dangerous criminals? Some of these questions could even relate back to Androids.

Honduras has long been plagued by violence, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The Peace Corps recently withdrew all of its volunteers through the country. I wrote my unit two and unit three papers on the most recent coup in Honduras (summer of 2009); I also backpacked through the western and northern parts of the country last spring break. It’s a beautiful country and while the current situation doesn’t seem to be as bad as that of Mexico, it could unfortunately be headed down the same path.


Swiss politics

There is a new political party based in Switzerland that’s growing, and it’s main cause is fighting the injustices of … PowerPoint.

The Anti Powerpoint Party was founded by Matthias Poehm and is open to people from all over the globe. He is not only against PowerPoint because of how incredibly boring it is, but he also claims it’s a “drain on the world economy.” Their website is quite humorous, though not by intention. The Swiss are known for being a very “rigid” people, so that makes this even funnier in my mind.

Check out the website here, it has a few videos by the founder and features things such as “horror slides of the month.” Also an interesting newsbit about it here.

When you start thinking about your presentation for unit three, keep in mind that Dr. K may share some of Mr. Poehm’s views…