Where in the world?

CNN does something every Monday where they post a photograph and readers have to guess where the photo was taken. It’s fun, but mildly nerdy I suppose. I figured I’d share this weeks photo as it’s a rather interesting story.

If I hadn’t seen this other article a few weeks ago I would have guessed India or Sri Lanka, but I am confident this picture is of Jakarta, Indonesia. Basically they are installing these metal wrecking balls at intervals along tracks to prevent people from train surfing. Human rights groups are crying foul saying this is many peoples only option for transportation.

Train surfing seems to be in the news a lot lately. Sadly a teenager just died in Melbourne, Australia from electrocution as he was train surfing. There was also this urban legend in Germany a while ago about a train surfer who was diagnosed with leukemia and spent his final days surfing ICE trains (Germany’s bullet trains), but I think this was debunked.



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