You’re all wrong, Monopoly is awesome

A while back, I found this article and bookmarked it. I think Monopoly is the most awesome board game of all time, and nobody ever wants to play it with me. My mom worked in California when I was younger, so my dad, brother and I played board games each night she was gone. Monopoly was easily our favorite. We would just bag up the pieces after about an hour of game play and write down where we were so we could resume the next evening.

Now, whenever I want to play, everyone always complains about how long it takes, how many rules there are and lalalala–a thousand other reasons why they can’t play. Everyone needs to read this article and come play Monopoly with me. Seriously. Dr. K Monopoly party at my house.



One response to “You’re all wrong, Monopoly is awesome”

  1. Jordan says :

    I love Monopoly! We always plays whenever our extended family gets together, usually at the beach in the summer or around Thanksgiving. Usually we behave pretty recklessly. We spend all of our money and award ourselves big bank bailouts so we can continue building lucrative amounts of houses and hotels and move the game along quicker. We’re just like the real housing and mortgage market!

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