I follow NBC 12 on Facebook for mostly weather related alerts, but recently they posted an article that made me sad. A trailer park in Petersburg is making its residents get rid of their pitbulls.

As the article states, the lease the residents signed when they moved in explains that pitbulls are banned. These tenants are breaking the rules. I agree that the residents of the trailer park need to follow the policies of the document they signed, but it makes me sad that the lease had to be breed specific, singling out pitbulls. I may be prejudiced because I have two of my own, but I generally believe in the statement “there are no bad breeds, just bad owners.” Granted, there are many many exceptions to each rule but WHO COULD KICK THESE LIL’ BOOGERS OUT OF THEIR HOUSE:

That’s Zoey and General! As my roommate said, “thats dogist.” (like racist….get it?)



One response to “Pitbulls”

  1. Liza says :

    This makes me so sad :(:( I have a Pitbull too and she is the sweetest thing ever. I raised her with techniques that I learned from the show “The Dog Whisperer” and it really is true that it depends on how you raise and treat the dog. Of course like you said there are exceptions, but I just wish that people would realize that.

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