More ethical to eat meat?

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for one type of diet over another.

The debate between vegetarianism (veganism, pescatarianism, or what have you) and omnivorism among humans has been growing and getting a lot more press in the past few years. I think it largely has to do with the production of movies such as Super Size MeFood Inc., and Earthlings and books like Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore’s Dilemma. All involve many different arguments, but in my mind I think it essentially boils down to three main ones:

1. The impact of mass food production (“factory farming”) on the environment (more info here)

2. The benefits and disadvantages of vegetarian/vegan diets (Bill Clinton’s vegan diet, and well, things like this are just gross)

3. And, perhaps most obviously, the ethical dilemma of eating animals

Well, the Huffington Post has an interesting article regarding this last argument. It’s about the possibility of an “ethical omnivore” diet. Maybe, after all, eating meat can be more ethical than abstaining from animal products entirely? Find it here. It does present an interesting argument, one that even makes me reflect on my own dietary choices.

Here are some clips (if you are interested in watching) of the aforementioned documentaries:

Food, Inc. (a more light-hearted documentary, it’s available for streaming on Netflix)


A very, very powerful and extremely graphic movie that will make you lose all faith in humanity. I have a friend that works for PETA in Los Angeles and they call this video the “vegan maker.” You can watch the trailer and full film online for free here.



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