I hate the SATs. I ended up taking them twice my junior year. The first time, I just remember waking up so so early and sitting in a chair for what felt like ages, answering question after question. I remember them forcing you to go in order, no skipping ahead or behind. Every time I would finish a section early, I would get that nausea-inducing anxiety that I royally f-ed something up. Then, if I would finish too slow, I would get this panicky hate for the proctor writing the diminishing minutes on the board. Finally, after what felt like ages, I got to go home.

Except my friend’s car was dead. Like, dead dead. She had left the light on or something so not even a jump start would help. So after sitting for HOURS taking the worst test in existence, we sat for another two hours. TWO HOURS IN THE RAIN ON THE TOP OF HER CAR WAITING TO TRIPLE A TO COME. Then I ended up going straight to a five hour dance rehearsal, wet and brain fatigued from that awesome day. I don’t even remember the second time I took them. I probably blocked it out due to all the trauma I experienced the first time.

The point I’m getting at, is that I would never want to take them again. I read this article today about a 35 year old man who retook the SATs nearly 20 years later. He took it from a sample test from years passed. He goes through the test, section by section, describing what makes the SAT so tedious. 19 years later, the author ended up doing 190 points better, but not without explaining his distaste for everything about the test. The author is an interesting writer and it ended up being a pretty funny article to read. Unfortunately, it made me relive my terrible, terrible SAT experience.



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