Oh Hey Hil

One of the latest tumblr sensations is “Texts from Hillary.” It depicts Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, engaging in ridiculous text conversations with other high profile people. Regardless of how you feel about the Madam Secretary, it’s a pretty humorous site. As this article states, the tumblr has taken her from being labeled a “bitch” to “head bitch in charge.”

I find it interesting how the site has personified her so much and, as a result, boosted her popularity. Hillary Clinton, for some reason or another, has always been a polarizing figure. She’s like economics: you either love it or hate it. The media has also taken notice of the site. Hillary Clinton herself just recently met with the founders of the tumblr page (which was only started a week ago!) I’m not sure if that was the creators’ intentions, but it sure has helped Clinton’s image. Now I really want to meet her!



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