“A Test You Need to Fail”

This page contains a 8th grade teacher’s open letter to her students regarding standardized testing. She discusses her new found information about the standardized tests in her state, and why she believes they are so backwards.

This entire article made me sad. From what I know, schools that perform poorly on standardized test receive less funding than those that perform well. To me, that seems like the schools that are already performing well will continue to do so, while schools that do poorly will also stay the same because of forced budget cuts, less wages for teachers, etc. Then, that forces teachers to only teach to the test throughout the entire year, instead of doing possibly more productive or inspiring things. And, from what I learned from that article, even the test is focused on “tricking” the students.

I don’t know if I’m not well enough informed or don’t fully understand the system, but that seems so backwards to me. I guess there has to be a way to make sure some sort of unified learning is taking place, and the teachers are all performing well, but there has to be a better way. The entire situation is upsetting and I’ve noticed it has . Comment and let me know how you feel about the subject.



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